21 August 2008

BFI in Cinema Journal

The latest issue of Cinema Journal, the magazine of the Society for Cinema & Media Studies, has devoted its In Focus section to a collection of articles about the history and current situation of the BFI. Contributors include Toby Miller, Charlotte Brunsdon, Geoffrey Nowell-Smith, Colin McArthur, Ed Buscombe and Pam Cook.

The articles can be accessed free via the SCMS website:


[You may have difficulty accessing this link -- the site owner has been informed of the problem.]

If the problem persists, you should be able to get a PDF version via this link:


20 August 2008

Janet Moat retires

Janet Moat retired last week, after 30 years at the BFI. As curator of Special Collections she brought a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the management of this internationally renowned resource, providing invaluable help to researchers. BFIwatch wishes her all the best in her new life.