30 May 2007

Future of the BFI Library

Anyone interested in the future of the BFI and especially the BFI library should have a look at this website and consider signing up in support of the group:

[Custodes Lucis website has closed down]


tofe said...

Readers should be aware that Custodes Lucis is a group made up of disgruntled ex-BFI staff and others who have their own agenda to wrestle the archive away from the BFI, an action that would surely lead, if not to the final disintegration of the organisation, then certainly to the cessation of most of its activities - including BFI Publishing. That its members have chosen to remain anonymous - while admitting that some of them continue to undertake paid work for the BFI - should give some indication of their integrity. Their contempt for BFI management seems matched by their contempt for current BFI staff, judging by their decision to post on their site the minutes and full attendee list of a private BFI union group meeting, while carefully protecting their own anonymity.

Anonymous said...

To second what 'tofe' wrote, I can confirm that Custodes Lucis' coverage of two projects that I was personally involved with were selective at best and thoroughly mendacious at worst - with no evidence of independent fact-checking.

Given similar reactions reported to other parts of the site, it's probably safe to assume that this is indicative of its reliability as a whole.

Hopefully this new site will offer what the other one has so far conspicuously failed to deliver - a genuinely constructive independent discussion platform, not a forum for axe-grinders to hurl pointless abuse at everyone who has the temerity to still be associated with the BFI.