10 October 2008

BFI Board of Governors meetings

Readers interested in the deliberations of the BFI's executive Board of Governors can read the minutes of its meetings on the BFI website:


Anonymous said...

Predictably, they tell you very little -- and why are there no minutes after April 2008?

Simonfromlondon said...

I agree with both points, though I'm surprised and pleased the minutes are on there at all. Other highlights, or perhaps that should be lowlights are:

- reduction in the number of governors' meetings will reduce oversight of the executive - not sure if this is a good thing
- clearly, financial pressures and cost-cutting are continuing. Hard to believe a film centre can't do well in London
- sorry to see a planned reduction in films in BFISB from 750 to 600pa (Eddie Berg, Nov 07): not sure if that happened/ will happen.